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Why we no longer offer Matterport tours (we found something better!)

If you’ve been an agent for any time at all, and especially the last couple of years, you know that a 3D virtual tour can be invaluable. Up until a few months ago, we offered Matterport tours, but we no longer do. It’s not because we don’t believe in the power of virtual tours; quite the opposite. We always want to offer our clients the best possible real estate media, and when we found out about iGuide, we had to upgrade. So what makes iGuide better than Matterport? 1. The floor plan. Not only do you get a 3D virtual tour, but also a professionally drafted floor plan complete with room dimensions and square footage. This can be used to navigate the tour or as a PDF and even as an MLS photo. While we use the same camera that we used for Matterport, it now sits on top of a piece of cutting-edge hardware that scans the house using lidar and maps everything out. Our equipment is calibrated and measurements are performed according to ANSI standards, resulting in super-accurate, reliable measurements. 2. It’s easier to navigate. Because of the lidar scan, we’re able to get full-coverage of the house with fewer scans, so the tour isn’t cluttered with so many of those little circles on the ground. And because you can navigate via the floor plan, it’s easy to instantly view any part of the house you want. 3. It’s faster. With fewer scans, we’re able to get done faster, making the process more convenient for your sellers. 4. It comes with a single-property website. All your photos, video, and property information together in one place. 5. It will stay hosted for as long as you need. With Matterport you’ve got to pay for every month that the tour is online, and if you don’t, Matterport will delete it forever. With iGuide we can keep it online as long as you need, or you can host it yourself. You can even download it and view offline! 6. Seamless outdoors. Have a killer patio you want featured? With Matterport you can technically include outdoor photos, but it won’t be part of the tour. iGuide allows us to take buyers on a tour of great outdoor spaces. 7. No re-shoots. Matterport relies on visual similarities between one photo and the next to figure out where it is. Because of this, occasionally the artificial intelligence gets it wrong, resulting in an unusable tour and forcing us to come shoot it again. Nobody wants that. But with iGuide’s advanced lidar scanner constantly mapping the house, we’ve never had the slightest problem. 8. Attention-getting marketing for social media. Want a Facebook post that people will actually look at? iGuide allows you to download the spherical photos from the tour, and when you put one on facebook, people on the app will be able to tilt their phones to look around the room, leading to a high level of engagement. 9. Analytics. Know how many people are viewing your iGuide, where your traffic is coming from, and much more. Want to see an iGuide first-hand? Click below!

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