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What does Five Loaves mean?

Sometimes people ask us why we chose the name Five Loaves Photography. After all, it's not the catchiest name we could have chosen. The name comes from the Bible, specifically John 6:9. More than 5,000 people had come out to hear Jesus speak, and He wanted to feed them all. A little boy offered what he had (five loaves and two fish), but one of the disciples said "what are they among so many". Jesus ended up using what the little boy gave and fed everybody with leftovers to spare.

We chose to name ourselves Five Loaves because we believe that, when we give everything we've got to God, he can use it to do great big things. One of our goals is to show the love of Jesus to everyone we interact with, and tell everybody who will listen the good news that even though we are all sinners, God loved us enough to take our punishment! We also use some of our profit to fund the ministries of others. We're a small business, and while one might say "what are they among so many", we're confident that God can use us to do some big things!

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